2015 APAO Scholarship Application

Part I: Personal Information

If your contact information changes during the application process please contact the APAO Scholarships Committee at scholarships@apao.cc with the address to which correspondence should be sent.

Part II: Letter of Reference

Include only one (1) recent and original letter of reference on official letterhead from a Healthcare Professional, who can attest to your ability to work in a clinical and/or research setting in the field of Oncology. Please have the evaluator electronically submit the letter of reference directly to scholarships@apao.cc or mail to Apryl Sarabia, APAO Scholarships Committee, 222 S Westmonte Dr., Suite 101, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 in a sealed envelope.  If the letter is E-mailed, it must be sent from the evaluator’s E-mail address.  Scanned copies are accepted.

Part III: Oncology-Related Rotations
Part IV: Extracurricular Activities, Oncology-related Work Experience, and Publications

List your extracurricular and volunteer activities in school, in the community, and in the profession. Please include any oncology-related work experience. Also list prior publications and any other activities that you feel are relevant to this application. Please limit all activities within the past 5 years. 

Part V and VI: Academic History and PA Program Director Reference

Please provide the contact information of your program director/designee. A supplemental document will be sent to the correspondence provided.

An official transcript with a copy of your cumulative GPA should be E-mailed by your program to scholarships@apao.cc or mailed to Apryl Sarabia, APAO Scholarships Committee, 222 S Westmonte Dr., Suite 101, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714. Please follow up with your program director/designee to ensure that the document is signed and completed.

Part VII: Personal Statements

Add the following instruction: Please limit your response to 500 words or less.

Please add all the way on the bottom: For additional questions related to the application, please contact Apryl Sarabia at apryl.sarabia@gmail.com.